Monday, June 20, 2011

nicer pictures

today i will talk cameras.
i think that to do this blog justice, and a few other things relating to my "blossoming" design career, i should get myself a nice camera. naturally, i did the world's quickest google search and made my decision. i happen to know as much about cameras as i do about sewing. nonetheless, i have my heart set on the nikon d80, which is meant to be damn good for most people, so maybe i've made the right choice this time. it's not the prettiest camera in the world, but i'd be very excited to learn how to use it and to replace my tired webcam images with something nicer.

you will know when my new camera arrives (but don't hold your breath- american apparel will most likely come first on payday), as you will see my favourite minitures, these fine little jars of candy, in an image ten million times nicer. that will be my first photographical feat, i have decided. none of my current tools could even try to do them justice.
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