Wednesday, September 28, 2011

hey hey it's yesterday

yesterday my cute boyfriend and i decided to leave the house for a while. in case you were wondering, his name is lee and i like him very much. first we went to a few nice antiques barns and thrift stores around the place.

i was looking for a nice blue blouse, much like something zooey deschanel might wear, but instead i found some blue bows to clip on my shoes, a red corduroy skirt, a sailor top for my little brother and a cute review sweater. they also had some really nice parasols, but they were those transparent types that don't serve much of a purpose at all other than looking very pretty.

when we finally tired of shopping we fed our nacho cravings at chillies. naturally, we drank pink lemonade, or whatever silly name they decided to call it. nothing is sweeter than pink lemonade. here you can also see the bag i had with me. tomorrow i will have to show you what else i wore.

to end our night we went to one of our favourite movie theaters in the valley to see submarine, equipped with bags of candies from the supermarket. we didn't like it a whole lot, but it was nice to see nonetheless.
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