Sunday, April 8, 2012

happy easter!

i hope you all had a lovely easter weekend! mine was spent partially with family and partially at home alone watching television (because i've basically lost my boyfriend to his awful university course). i still managed to spend some money, though. here are a few things that i've bought.

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this super nice glass jewelry box at my favourite florist, which i happen to work across from. they sell the nicest things. it was a bit of a gift to myself for my efforts to not eat too much easter chocolate this year.

i found this brilliant little miniature trolley in a stationary store a couple of weeks ago, and had to have it because i'm a sucker for small things. i plan to fill it with a heap of miniature food items.

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and this cute bunny jewelry holder that i bought on urban outfitters ages and ages ago. i had to wait months for them to get it back in stock, then finally it pieces. the poor little bunnies ears were broken off, so they're going to send me another one free of charge. thanks to some super glue, i'll soon have two sets of porcelain bunnies! they're perfect for holding my favourite bracelets, and just damn cute in general.
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Magda said... [Reply to comment]

Lovely things. I like the bunnies very much.

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