Sunday, December 23, 2012

a very merry christmas

One of my absolute favourite things about Christmas is the decorations. I like them so much that some of them end up staying all through the year. Here you can see a picture I posted a while ago of my mini christmas tree which never really leaves my bookshelf. 
My boyfriend and I saw this tree in a shop window a few days ago with a big 50% off sign hanging off it. We loved it so much that, even though it was completely impractical (we already have a tree in my house so this one sits in the middle of my not-so-spacious bedroom) and very expensive, we just had to have it. It makes me so happy.
Clearly I'm a sucker for cute things, and one of the cutest things I can think of is miniature sweaters. When I found out that they were selling tiny Christmas sweaters on tiny coat hangers, I nearly died. I have eight little santa coats scattered around my room, as well as a beautiful knitted sweater.
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