Sunday, July 17, 2011

a choice

today i had a very big decision to make. it was my mum's birthday dinner and i couldn't decide between two nice dresses! i am perhaps the worst decision-maker imaginable.

the dress is from asos, the tights are by voodoo, the bracelet is from the finders keepers market and with this i wore my jane debster shoes.

the dress is from zara, the fur capelet is from h&m, the stockings are by voodoo and my jane debster shoes also happened to match this outfit very nicely.

hours of contemplation later, the asos dress prevailed. i was glad to finally get a chance to wear it. i traded in my pseudo garter stockings for a nice green pair from korea at the last minute. it just seemed like the right thing to know?

see you tomorrow! (and i am terribly sorry about my messy bedroom)
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