Thursday, July 14, 2011

korean wonder-products

today we were hunting for a place that a friend had given us very vague directions to, in lieu of a handful of korean wonder-products. we were led to a very suspicious part of chinatown, then another very suspicious part of chinatown, then probably ten others before we found what we were looking for. the things we do for nice skin! anyway, this is what i wore.

the dress was found at an op shop the other day, the jacket is from country road, the stockings are from david jones and the bag is from topshop. i also wore a nice cream-coloured headband in my hair.

and this is what i bought! (in order of appearance)

1. pond's dry skin cream
2. pond's white beauty pearl cream
3. eskinol classic facial cleanser
4. eskinol naturals lemon facial cleanser

while we were tired and sore from walking such a distance, our day was not over yet. ra ra superstar (who i found at the finders keepers markets and liked so much because they sold me the finest white skirt) were having a big sale, so we were off to paddington. unfortunately, the nicest things were not on sale at all, so we left empty-handed. next was the big antiques centre, where we found many fine things, but nothing to come home with us. tomorrow i will have to show you what we found. but now, i think, it is time to watch a nice movie in bed with a bucket full of popcorn.
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