Saturday, July 23, 2011

summer shorts

i always thought that i was this big fan of winter. i like wearing scarves and nice coats and thick stockings, while i can't stand sunburn and freckles and sweaty palms. now that it's cold and i can actually wear all of these nice warm things, i'm struggling to find anything good about it. i have to cover up all of my cute shorts and tiny dresses with big fat coats, and i'm completely against long pants, so i spend most of my time hoping that my legs won't drop off. ANYWAY, here is one of those cute little outfits that winter won't allow. i mean, it's not like summer has a whole lot going for it, but at least i can look forward to wearing my little red shorts.

the top is from target ( i still have no idea how to tie it properly, so i'm sorry it looks so silly), and the shorts are from american apparel.
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