Friday, September 9, 2011

nicest thing this week

i've been the laziest person in the world lately. after my big assessment avalanche passed, all i wanted to do was sleep and eat and walk everywhere really slowly. it's been like this for about a week now. i'm a bit worried as to whether i'll ever do anything productive again. anyway, here is the nicest thing i've recieved in the post this week, my topshop playsuit! i've been wanting it for years and years. basically, i forgot that the uk has a separate ebay to the us (and even though the us site shows international items, it does not show all of them), which was just great because that was where all of these pretty playsuits happened to be. they sold out on topshop years ago, and i've wanted one ever since. anyway, i got it, and it's beautiful. it's a bit butt-revealing, but i'm okay with that. i will wear it every day if i can get away with it.
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