Wednesday, January 18, 2012

my little shop

my ebay account

hello again! i've been blogging a lot less regularly lately, i know. in all honesty, it's mostly due to good television shows and general laziness. perhaps i'm not cut out for the whole blogging routine. anyway, today i had a super productive day. i enrolled for all of my new uni subjects (i am now studying a different strand of design, as i was bored of the other), and finally got around to setting up my ebay account as a seller. if you're interested, the link is above. for now it's just going to be things that i've bought online (until i get around to taking pictures of everything else) that don't fit me amazingly well. this happens to be quite a lot of things, however i'm still reluctant to give some of the super nice ones away. hopefully you'll find something you love!
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