Saturday, February 4, 2012

mini trip: part two

part two of our trip to sydney, in which you can see a few of the nice things that i bought. here you can see part one of the trip.

1. cutest leather jacket from paddy's markets
2. striped eiffel tower sweater from paddy's markets (lee got one too)
3. sweetest little blue peter pan collar top from chinatown
4. perfect portmans button-down
5. green shorts from american apparel
6. american apparel schoolgirl button-down
7. striped dress which we haggled for in chinatown
8. tiny disco shorts from american apparel
9. black bow headband from david jones
10. the best headband i have ever owned from chinatown
11. fabric bunny ears from paddy's markets
12. sparkly bow ring from paddy's markets
13. super cute elephant necklace from paddington markets
14. my best new handbag, from colette
15. tiny person's suitcase from a flower shop
16. morning glory basket
17. perfect gold belt from paddy's markets

(song playing is 'polka' by yves klein blue)
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