Monday, January 7, 2013

a dress for the new year

My boyfriend and I have a bit of a new years eve tradition where we spend most of the night at a drive-in theater watching the best movie they're showing, then speed back into the city just in time to illegally park and catch the midnight fireworks.
I found this dress (by Topshop) in the back of my closet which I remember tirelessly tracking down on ebay a few years ago, then never really wearing. And so, it became my new years eve dress. It's not the kind of style that I like to wear very often, but my boyfriend loves it so I thought it would make him happy.

Here you can also see one of my nicest Christmas presents, a beautiful new imac. I found this brilliant chair to go with it, which must have been made just for me. It's white (like most of my best furniture), huge and comfortable enough to nap in. And if you're wondering why I'm holding the world's cutest toy horse, I found him at ikea (my favourite place in the world) and I haven't put him down since.
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