Wednesday, November 23, 2011

i'm back!

hi hi hi! university is finally over (after many long nights), so i'm finally able to start thinking about doing nice things again. anyway, here are a few things that i've been up to (in case you were wondering).

❤ i dyed my hair a funny shade of brown with a lot of red in it which doesn't suit me much at all

❤ i decided to change my course at university. i'm thinking something along the lines of advertising/print media, but i'm not sure yet and i don't really want to think about it

❤ i bought myself a notepad with whales on the cover and a rumball from the bakery to celebrate finishing university

❤ i ordered the world's nicest watch from asos

❤ i ordered the world's nicest dress from asos

❤ i bought some very expensive white converse shoes (the fancy non-canvas kind)

❤ i've begun to plan a very exciting trip to sydney
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