Tuesday, March 20, 2012

three days

day 1:

the top (which is actually a dress) is from asos and can be found here, the skirt is from pret a portobello, the bracelet is from mombassa and the super nice turquoise bow has been sitting in my drawer for years, so i'm not quite sure where it's from.

day 2:

the dress is from chinatown in sydney, as is my favourite bunny ears headband. i wore a black top under the dress to add sleeves (simply because it looks nicer this way), which is from cotton on. the bracelet is from mombassa.

day 3:

the sweater is sonia rykiel for h&m (but i found it on ebay), the skirt is very old and from a korean ebay seller, the hair tie/neck scarf is from asos, and in my very messy background you can see the boxes that house my new shoes (which i am very excited about)!
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