Saturday, July 2, 2011

finders keepers

today we were back in brisbane for a birthday dinner. to fill the rest of our day we decided to visit a few nice markets (as there were more running this weekend than usual). first was the valley market, which runs every weekend, and is usually quite nice. we didn't spend too much time there, though.

our next stop was the 'finders keepers' market, which doesn't run very often at all, but happened to be on this weekend. it was set up in a really nice old museum and contained all kinds of crafted goods. we thought it was an awfully good market, and stayed until it was almost over to make sure we saw absolutely everything there was to see.

all of the stalls were very quaint and nice and everyone was so welcoming.

perhaps my favourite thing was a nice traveling photo booth with all kinds of props for people to be in silly photos with, like funny hats and fake lips on masquerade sticks. it was pretty cute, if you ask me. if you'd like you can click on the image for a few examples.

tomorrow, i think, we will visit the 'suitcase rummage'. i've been told it's an awfully nice event in which all kinds of people bring suitcases full of interesting things and sell them to other people who can put them to better use. when i get home i'll have to show you all of the fine things i've been buying!
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