Sunday, July 3, 2011

market buys

today, as promised, i went to the suitcase rummage. it was loads of fun and there were many nice people selling lots of cheap things. most people were selling second-hand clothes, while others brought along sweet little homemade wares. some people had even baked cupcakes for the occasion! it was all very nice, but i got a little sick of rummaging and rifling towards the end. anyway, here are a couple of the things i've been buying over the last few days.

1. a beautiful spotted neck scarf from the rummage.
2. a nice brown dress from the 60's that my boyfriend found for me in the rummage.
3. another rummage dress that looks really cute on but is a little too big.
4. a skirt that i spent too much money on at the finders keepers market. it's pretty damn nice. it flares out at the sides just like those american apparel circle skirts.

1. the nicest bracelet in the world from the finders keepers market. it reminds me of bit of those hermes bracelets that i love.
2. a gold bow which arrived in the mail a few weeks ago. it's an old avon brooch and it's really nice but i never get the chance to wear it.

and this little guy was only a dollar!
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