Sunday, July 10, 2011

i don't wear much jewelry, just nice things in my hair

honestly, i rarely wear jewelry. bracelets don't seem to suit me, nor earrings or necklaces. they look uncomfortable and misplaced and i usually feel like they're spoiling perfectly good outfits. of course, there are exceptions. i would give a vital organ to own a hermes bracelet (the day will come), and rings suit me nicely. i used to capitalise on this by wearing a ring on almost every finger, to make up for a lack of adornment elsewhere. as you can imagine, this became a little tiresome and sad. now only one is left, because it was a very special gift from a boy years ago, and i swore never to take it off.

anyway, my point is that i think hair bows and bands and clips and ties are the nicest accessories a girl can own. not only are they nice to look at, but they're damn practical and super sweet. they don't bother you like bracelets around your wrists or chains around your neck, which are always swinging and sliding and being generally annoying. i don't think i would ever dare go out without something nice in my hair. even plastic head bands make everything ten times sweeter. anyway, here are a few of my regulars!
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