Tuesday, July 12, 2011

a small adventure

today we drove and we drove and we drove to this little place in coolangatta. there is a small row of retro/antique stores which i like very much. we didn't find many things to buy, but it was all very nice to look at. i almost bought an old hair dryer just for the beautiful case it came in. and old toy cars are so damn cool! later we found that there were also many nice and rewarding op shops and small little boutiques along the esplanade.

here is what i found! first is a dress which reminds me of the 60's. there's a little silver belt buckle in the very center which looks so damn cool, and it zips up along the front. it's short and cute and i like it very much.

next is a bow for my hair or my clothes. it works quite nicely, i think. later i will show you a neck scarf with an amazing horse print on it, which i found at the antiques market.

and finally, another nice dress. it's also very 60's, and has a similar tartan print to the first dress, which unfortunately does not photograph well. it's awfully cute, though!
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