Sunday, September 4, 2011

a speedy birthday summary

hello! here is the world's fastest summary of my birthday yesterday. the day was not-so-good for obvious reasons, but the night was very nice. i finally got my beautiful nikon d5000, and wouldn't stop taking pictures of just about everything. i refused to read the manual, so some of them turned out a bit funny. i'll have to show you very soon! here you can see me and my lovely camera, who i have named lola, my sweet boyfriend carrying a big box of presents home, and of course my beautiful review dress that i finally got a chance to wear. around my neck you can probably make out one of my presents, a pretty heart necklace. i got so many nice things, like little paper dolls and tickets to concerts and neck scarves, that i'll have to dedicate a post to them some time. now i must get back to writing an essay on toasters. have a fine day!
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Hanna said... [Reply to comment]

My Nikon D5000 is like my child, love it so. And I really like your dress (it's perfect)!

Happy birthday sweetie!

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