Monday, September 5, 2011

chocolate cake and pink lemonade

for my birthday we went to a japanese resturaunt called sono. it's this damn cool place where you can eat in paper rooms at tables that you have to do a series of very strange manoeuvres to sit at. everyone has to take their shoes off before they enter the room or sit down in the main part of the resturaunt, so you can see rows of shoes all down the aisles. the best part is when very uncomfortable-looking business men shimmy out of their tiny chairs and try and put their shoes back on. i'd say you'd have to be a cute little japanese girl before you can do any part of it gracefully.

anyway, here are a few pictures i took with probably one of the greatest presents i have ever received- my little nikon d5000. i'm head over heels with it, and i can't help but want to take it with my everywhere i go. obviously i'm not a star photographer just yet, but i'm inching my way there like the silly men and their shoes. funnily enough, i couldn't take any pictures until i had actually recieved my presents, which meant that i missed all of the nicest images. i'll leave you to imagine all of the pretty pastel wrapping paper and crazy japanese food.
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