Saturday, June 18, 2011

today i spent many hours scrolling through pages of 60's dresses on ebay, then decided to do some sewing.

i have a large pile of clothes desperately needing alteration, so i got to work.

this was my first victim. the skirt is way too big, and the pleats are unflatteringly low, so i had to move around zippers and alter hems and everything. unfortunately, i am not the world's finest sewer. i get so impatient that i end up making a lot of silly mistakes, then assure myself that i can cover it all up with a belt.

this was the very sad result. i decided that i preferred scrolling through pages of 60's dresses on ebay.

what was nice about all of this was that i got to sit at my very sweet little workstation, and look at these while i sewed.
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