Thursday, June 23, 2011

50% off sales

today i was very happy, but also very sad. apparently the people behind topshop and asos think very much alike, because they both decided to have 50% off sales at the SAME TIME. i decided to be nice to my wallet and only buy a few things. these two things from asos, i am particularly excited about.

this is perhaps the cutest tie-up denim blouse imaginable. i think it will look brilliant with my american apparel shorts, but unfortunately i may have to keep it in hiding until summer, or at least a warmer winter day.

and then there is this amazing contraption. i was so fascinated by it that i just had to have it. my boyfriend thinks it's not terribly nice, but i think it would look so sweet with a little blue skirt and perhaps something white on top. you will see.
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