Saturday, October 1, 2011


hello! today i will show you how i made this semi-successful t-shirt. it's not quite done yet, but you get the idea. i was loosely basing the design off a mega-cute sweater from asos, which can be found here.

step 1:

i started by roughly copying the text from the sweater that i liked. i changed it a little, because i wanted it to be easier to read. plus, exclamation marks make everything a bit more fun. for some reason i did this on cardboard, which was a bit silly because i ended up having to trace it onto paper anyway.

step 2:

next i brought out my cute little light box and laid a white t-shirt ($7 at kmart) over my desired text. i had already made a small pencil marking on the shirt where i wanted the text to sit. from there, i just traced the text in pencil.

step 3:

when i had my pencil outline sorted, it was time to colour it in. because i'm awfully impatient, i decided to ditch the fabric paint and opt for a waterproof permanent marker. this was just so that i didn't make a huge mess, and it makes it all a damn lot easier. nonetheless, to do the text nicely you will have to set aside at least half an hour. the pen can be very stubborn.

step 4:

and there you have it! at this point the shirt was not entirely finished (because the 'j' still looked a bit funny and everything needed thickening and boldening), but you get the idea. i think it will look super nice with a red skirt and some black stockings. in the coming weeks i'll be tackling a bicycle print shirt, and maybe one with a big red love heart. it's awfully fun, i must say.
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