Friday, April 27, 2012

preparing for winter days

yesterday a large package arrived from asos with lots of nice things inside. i've been very active on asos lately, probably because of the damn lot of sales they keep having. in this particular order i got some thigh-high blue knitted socks, a cosy cream-coloured aran sweater, a super nice neck scarf with blue and red stripes (although for some reason the rest of it is a boring brown colour instead of the cream that i was expecting), some candy-shaped earrings and a super nice bag that i've used every day since. in a few days another order is due to arrive with black t-bar shoes and a few cute pairs of socks to accompany them. other than spending most of my time on asos, i've been on an avid hunt for the perfect red sweater and blue cropped jacket. i'm also waiting for about a thousand cute 60's dresses to arrive from etsy, due to a realisation a few weeks back that my collection was looking a bit sad.
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