Friday, May 4, 2012

a treat for my walls

a few weeks ago, i cleaned my room. properly, i mean, rather than in the usual "throw things in the closet and under the bed and you're all done!" kind of way. as a reward, my boyfriend and i decided that it was only fair to buy a nice new poster for my wall. i had been dying over this one on ebay for a few weeks, so we went ahead and bought it. i have no idea what it's a poster for, but it seems to be some kind of french stage play. regardless, i think that it's the nicest poster i have ever seen. the dress hanging next to it is another nice thing that arrived this week. it's a super sweet little vintage dress from the 60's, which i'll have to show you some other time.
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Sara Coppola said... [Reply to comment]

That is soooo cute!

I really like your blog, I was trying to find your email..but cannot..

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Sara Coppola

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