Friday, June 29, 2012

stripes, skirts and suspenders

anyone who has been on this blog before is probably very familiar with my favourite striped top, which i probably wear at least once a week. i've never been able to find the perfect striped top, which would be fitted with a high neckline and thick blue and white stripes, similar to the one that niotillfem wears. i've been searching and searching and searching for years, but it just doesn't seem to exist. so, this is about as good as i'm going to get for the time being. 

anyway, here is one of my go-to outfits for those days when i really don't have the time to think about what i'm going to wear (i.e. most uni days). it's super simple, but still cute enough to make me feel happy all day.

the top is from supre, the skirt is from american apparel and the suspenders are from ebay.

and here is my new favourite tote bag. clearly it doesn't photograph well, but it's super cute in person. i always end up carrying about three bags wherever i go, and they get old and destroyed pretty damn fast. this one's holding up surprisingly well. all i have to do it make sure i keep the contents looking nice, because i'm not the only one who has to look at them. i bought it from asos, as with most things.
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