Thursday, July 5, 2012

what i've been watching

i have a few weeks off university at the moment, so i'm powering through all of the tv shows i've been dying to watch but haven't had the time. a couple of them were cancelled after the first season, which is kind of nice because you can watch the whole thing in a few days (although, the last episode is never as question-answering as you want it to be). here are my top five!
1. gravity
this would have to be one of the best one-season series' i've ever seen. firstly, krysten ritter is the cutest thing on the planet. she plays a lonely suicide survivor who joins a suicide help group, filled with a bunch of equally quirky, equally troubled characters. the show probably wouldn't be to everyone's tastes. it gets a bit ridiculous at times, but that's what i like about it. it has so much character and charm.
2. mad men
of course mad men is nothing new, but it's been nice to finally have the time to polish off the last few episodes of the season. i have to say i wasn't a huge fan of mad men to begin with, but it's gradually won me over and now i couldn't do without it. the last season would have to be my absolute favourite. i like that there are finally less of the don draper sex scandals (they grew tiring after the first few seasons) and some really clever storylines.
3. bob's burgers
this is, hands down, the best animated series of all time. it's the sort of humor that you either like or you don't, but in my opinion it couldn't be better. each of the characters have been developed to perfection. it's just brilliant.
4. falling skies
i never thought i'd be recommending a show about aliens, or show a terrible amount of interest in a show about aliens, but this is damn good. i literally didn't stop watching it for days, until i finally ran out of episodes. the whole thing is just a masterpiece. i highly recommend!
5. persons unknown
if you liked the movie "cube",  you're going to love this. the plot follows a very similar principle, in which a group of seemingly unrelated people are kept captive in a sort of social experiment. however, in this case, we get to see how their imprisonment impacts the outside world, which makes it all the more interesting. it was cancelled after one season, which is a damn shame because i've read that several other seasons had already been planned (and they sounded brilliant). thankfully, they still managed to round off the first season really nicely.

a few other shows that you might want to look at are love bites (which krysten ritter is also in), the event, alcatraz and mental.
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