Thursday, July 19, 2012

dream shoes

hello! i've been all over the place lately, which means i've been generally pathetic at blog posting. sometimes you just have to put down the camera and watch tv with your boyfriend for a few days. anyway, many exciting things have happened while i've been away. i've started making dresses with my previously neglected sewing machine. i found a brilliant 60's dress pattern, tried to figure out what all of the steps meant, and managed to make three successful dresses. i'll have to show you them soon!
today i will show you my super nice new shoes from asos. i'd been dying over them for months but my boyfriend thought they were too ridiculous to buy. eventually they were so heavily discounted that he let me have them. i generally don't wear heels because i'm already quite tall, so these will take a while to get used to. they're impossibly high, but also impossibly cute so it all works out just fine with me. if you're interested, you can find them here.

i've also bought an iphone recently, which is awfully exciting. although, i have to admit that my decision to buy it was largely influenced by instagram (you can find me by searching allthatisfine). naturally, i've already ordered a billion cute iphone cases on ebay, and found a bunch of cute cake-themed wallpapers to use on rotation.

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