Tuesday, July 31, 2012


two of my favourite things at the moment are nice 60's dresses (as always) and my new cape-style coat. i've been all over etsy during the holidays, trying to expand on my 60's mini dress collection. this was one of my more practical finds (often they end up being either a bit too ridiculous or a bit too short). it's a cute little eggplant-coloured mini dress with light pink accent stitching.

i found the coat in a 75% off sale at laura ashley. i love it so much that i've barely taken it off since then. everyone else seems to love it a damn lot too, which is a bonus. one lady in the fabric store even asked me to take it off so she could see how it was made.

i've been working like crazy this week, and already managed to spend my entire pay (in advance) on nice 60's dresses, high waisted jeans and daisy earrings. 
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