Thursday, November 15, 2012

hi there!

Hello! Welcome to all that is fine version 2.0 (probably more like version 18.0 but this one will be more permanent, I promise). Blogging is something that I love, but never have time to do. So, I've made time, because you should always make time for the things that you love. I'm still working on making everything look nice and cute, and changing the style of the blog a bit so it's generally more fun. 

As you can see, I've been playing around with some backdrop ideas because I'll also be reviving my old ebay store AND opening an etsy shop for all of the vintage clothes I've bought online that haven't fit me quite right (I'm a very wishful thinker when it comes to measurements, so there's a lot of them). Hopefully I'll have that up and running soon, but don't hold your breath because I have a hard time saying goodbye to nice clothes, even if they make me look like a mouse in a clown suit.

And here is today's outfit! Perfect for a trip to the fabric store, I think. Hopefully you'll be seeing lots of cute spots and stripes and clouds and hearts behind me in the near future.

The super cute striped top/sweater with a peter pan collar is from Modcloth. Christina Ricci wore something very similar in a photo shoot a while ago (which I fell in love with) so I was very very happy when I found this! The skirt is from Portmans, and has become my go-to blue skirt because it just goes so well with everything. I'm also wearing my usual white headband and a watch that I found in a small boutique. I'll show you it up close some time, as it's quite cool (although very badly worn).
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Nora Alexa said... [Reply to comment]

Oh, you look so lovely, as does the header!

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