Friday, September 2, 2011

birthdays and miniatures

hello! today i finally got to rest a little. i finished my big big project and i was really quite happy with the result, so i thought i would celebrate with a present to myself. what better present to buy than miniature foods! today i bought a nice little white display case, a bread basket, three bread sticks and some pink cake boxes. i think if i wanted to collect anything, it would have to be miniatures. they're just so damn cute. you have probably already seen my miniature candy jars in my camera post, which is actually very relevant because i'm getting a CAMERA FOR MY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW and i'm clearly very happy! instead of the d80, it will be the much nicer d5000, and i am really quite excited. i will also get to wear my best review dress to dinner with my parents, which will be very nice. other than that, i will be spending my day writing about toasters. i can't say it will be the most enjoyable birthday, but there will be plenty of time to celebrate soon enough.
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